About Us

Schusterdautor is a Law Firm founded in March 2017, which provides services specialized in Intellectual Property, Copyright, Entertainment Law, Trademarks and Patents.

Our Firm is characterized by an innovative and creative approach, distant from traditional outlines, ensuring customized legal assistance, centered on the particular needs of each client.

We are located in Santiago, Chile, and our services are aimed at:

  • Companies and parties related to the entertainment and content industries.
  • Producing companies from the audiovisual, film, and advertisement areas.
  • Record labels and parties from the music and publishing industries, authors, and artists.
  • Technology companies.
  • Universities and Research Centers.
  • Entrepreneurs focused on the production and commercialization of goods and services in which creativity and innovation play a significant role.

Our offices are located at Centro Leñeria, a collaborative space for companies and entrepreneurs who value the quality of life and the community as key elements for productivity, change, and innovation.